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2006 Honda Accord power cutting off


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2006 Honda Accord EX V6 Automatic

Was driving 60 on the highway when all of a sudden as I was pushing gas , all of the electronics flashed off and on including warning lights and engine stuttered within 2 seconds then kept driving fine until I parked and cut it off about 5 mins later and the car shook when I cut it off , first time this has happened 197000 miles 

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Check the battery connections if the are rusted or corroded. My 1999 Accord was  slightly loose, it would lose connection and present with similar symptoms you are describing. Easy check, and if it is not that, you can move on to check something else. Let us know how ur goes. 

Checked battery and terminals and they seem ok , and additionally after turning back on trouble code P0685 popped up


have your battery + alternator tested

If it was the alternator , would that cause the engine to shut down while already running ? Only reason I ask is cuz the alternator messed up in my sisters truck and all electronics went off but car was still driving until I cut it off

It can cause strange problems, and it's an easy test that you can check off your list.