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2011 Audi TT Quattro 2.0 TFSI 116K miles - COMPRESSION TEST results


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Scotty, my Shop ran a compression test and the Service Mgr there is "positive" my Engine compression numbers are OK (esp for an older Audi of course (he said that)) I'm gonna try to upload the pix he sent of the results;

Cyl_1  = 163.0, Cyl_2 = 161.0, Cyl_3 = 142.5, Cyl_4 = 162.0

Anyway I allow them to proceed with other repairs the car needs incl a Coil Pack for CYL 1 (they replaced all 4 w/new BOSCH; cylinder 3 was previously replaced with a used "spare" coil pack), fix oil leaks incl new Oil Pan, Timing Cover Gasket, Alternator Drive Belt (Serpentine and V-Belt type Belts), flush Cooling System (PH is not right he said), replace Shocks / Struts (I provided a new set of "cheap" coil overs (2 year Warranty) I had already bought before the car started misfiring, both rear factory shocks were leaking oil, the Strut Mount for the front Driver side was broken as in pieces), a new Drive Belt Tensioner (replace base) and new CV Axle boots (front only) cause Driver side is leaking Grease.

I hope the Engine is good, they say it is, best regards, David in Phoenix, AZ



Also forgot wheel Alignment;

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Looks like cylinder 3 has a problem, either valves or rings.  Have your mechanic do a leak down test to isolate the problem.