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How do I fix stuck oil dipstick


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Hey Scotty, unfortunately found your channel a little too late. I bought a 2009 Toyota Corolla with 89k miles. After reviewing your videos I now know that this year Corolla burns oil. I had the vehicle inspected at Firestone before I finalized the purchase and no concerns were found. I also had a second shop Car X look at it and no concerns found other than a tpm sensor failure, not replacing after watching your don’t waste your money video. I am trying to check the oil level given the concerns about burning oil and the dip stick will not come out. I don’t want to pull too hard and damage the dipstick tube. Have you seen this before and any recommendations? The vehicle was driven in North Carolina and I do not see any signs of corrosion or rust. 

Appreciate all you do. 


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The dipstick has to be removed for you to access if the engine has the correct oil level.  Pull it out with all you got.