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2010 Pontiac Vibe base model


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I have the option of buying a 2010 Pontiac vibe for $750. Was told the head gasket was blown. The body and interior is in decent shape. If I get it I plan on using it for a daily driver 120 miles round trip. It has 287,222 miles on the car. I have pictures I can send if it will help. Do you think it would be a good investment?

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Don't even think about buying this car. You'd be putting more money into it than what the vehicle's actually worth.

Even if I repair it myself? I usually do all my own work so no mechanic bill just parts.


Not worth buying a car with blown head gasket it's not a cheap repair

I usually do all my own work so the repair would only cost me about $300 if it is just a head gasket.