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What are the best spark plugs for oil-burning engines


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Good day Scotty

I drive a 2013 Audi A4. I am the original owner and put 163,000 miles on it so far. It burns about 1 quart of oil per 5,000-6,000 miles. The last time I changed the spark plugs was at 80,000 miles, and I want to replace them with some good spark plugs. So which spark plugs should I avoid and which ones are worth buying.  

Thank you Caleb Farone

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Depends what you mean. The plugs won’t help oil consumption. However, given that oil-burning motors can foul plugs quickly (and might be on their last legs anyway) it might make sense to use relatively inexpensive spark plugs.  


Cheap ones


Wait, you are complaining because you burn a quart every 5-6 THOUSAND miles?

Honestly I have only ever had one or maybe two toyotas that didn't burn more than that.

I wouldn't even think you would have to worry about it fouling the plugs very quickly at that rate. I had a 98 corolla that burned 1 quart every 2k miles and over 60k miles it never fouled a plug.


Spark plugs has nothing to do with oil consumption and won't fix the problem even good ones. With being said if you want long lasting spark plugs get the iridium ones.


Cheap ones that you can replace often


If the spark plugs are actually getting fouled up due to oil burning, get platinum ones and change them more frequently. 

If oil consumption isn’t affecting the spark plugs, get iridium ones and change them less frequently.