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2012 Civic Si Clutch weird noise


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I have an all stock 2012 Honda Civic Si Sedan with a 2.4L. My issue with the car is when I engage the clutch pedal at a stand still to put car into 1st gear, as I release the clutch pedal and accelerate I hear a weird sound. It last for a second. Only happens at that time. Everything else is fine. Driving in first gear is fine. Shifting into all higher gears is fine. Here is a video from you tube that is exactly what it sounds like.  
What are your thoughts?


Fix the link so that your post gets approved.

@yaser It might be nice if you explained what needs to be fixed. Or better yet, you could fix it for him and politely explain how to do it in the future (don't forget pleases and thank you).

Thank you.

@Retired There is only one link in the question and I think it makes sense when people ask question, at least make sure they link a correct video.

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Possibly your throwout bearing is going bad.