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[Solved] Help Scotty! Bad Fuel


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Hey Scotty, I love your channel. I have a 2010 bmw 320i (4 cylinders GDI)
automatic with 85,000 miles. Where I live, we are currently facing a big
fuel crisis. Thus, the only available fuel right now has a very low octane
rating (about 80) which BMWs don't like. A month ago, I started to
hear some detonation / pre ignition / knocking occasionally when driving
uphill or at the very first second of acceleration. And the car definitely
lost some power. I refilled it and added 2 bottles of octane booster (10 oz.
each) branded Motul (a French company), and a bottle of fuel system &
engine cleaner. Fortunately the sound has gone! But the engine is still
underpowered on hills; I always have to shift it manually at higher rpms
for it to move. I usually drive it slowly unlike many bmw owners. And there
is no check engine light. What are your recommendations? And should I stop
driving the car to avoid engine damage or is it safe to drive it with the
poor fuel? Thanks Scotty. You're among the few people I trust.

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I would stop driving it. Realize octane booster doesn't do all that much really you need tons of the stuff to make it work correctly