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Side swiped accident


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I was recently in a hit and run accident going to visit family for thanksgiving. I have a 2013 Honda Civic sedan. It popped my back passenger side tire and put a few dents in the car on that same side but other than that it still runs okay and no check engine light came on. The only thing is the TPMS is saying system failure or something like that when I put the donut on the car. What are some possible things that Could get messed up in this sort of accident or that I should spend money on? Just worried there’s some other internal damage or leaks. What should my mechanic look for that could be pricy to fix. Front engine bay of car seems okay and not effected but not sure. 

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Well the tire pressure system reads through the sending units in the tire valve stem probably broke one of them you can get it scanned and see what the code is


Mechanics get wrecked cars all times. They know what to look for. Call your insurance and ask for a bonded, accredited auto shop recommendation, who can look a the damage. You'll want to have everything documented in case the other driver is found.

Fortunately there's no critical components at the rear of the vehicle, so engine etc is fine. But the rear suspension will need to be looked at. Wheel rim, hub, bearing, struts, control arms, bushings, springs, brakes etc...

They will also need to check wheel and body alignment. If the impact was hard enough, it can bend the entire vehicle. In that case it's usually irreparable, unsafe to drive, and would declared a "total loss".