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2015 Tundra Stalls in Rain


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I've got a 2015 Toyota Tundra SR5 (4WD) with 90,000 miles on it.  A few months ago we took it in for its 30,000-mile maintenance.  Suspiciously, about a week later it stalled on my way to work just after it had rained, and the road was still damp.  It has stalled several times since, always during or shortly after rain, and always when I'm moving relatively slowly (about 25mph).  When it stalls, various lights pop up on the dash, including low fuel level, the 4 wheel high and low lights, and the ESC light.  The front and back running lights also turn on, even if the truck is completely off. Several mechanics have looked at the truck, and none have been able to replicate the issue, let alone diagnose it.  The best advice we were given was to power wash the engine in case there was some grime making water collect somewhere, because, while I was power washing it (I made sure everything was cool first) I noticed when the water hit the back of the engine toward the firewall, the running lights came on just like when it stalls.  Any ideas on what could be causing that?  Thanks in advance!

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Have you inspected the ignition coil wirings? 


Seems like water causes something to short out on the system and affects the ECM causing a hiccup. I have washed my 2015 Tacoma engne compartment with no issues. Sounds like a frayed wire or loose connector.


Spray your underhood electrical connections with WD40.