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2016 Colorado diesel reliability


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I bought Chevrolet diesel Colorado Z71 used in 2017. Currently has 102k miles I've had it in shop about 6 times for display failing, def warning lights crippling truck, Chevy "shake" transmission issues, and I could go on and on.  Currently only issue is intermittent 4wd needs service light.... What are the chances this diesel will last a few hundred thousand more miles or should I look at trading.  The forums for this truck have multiple entries for blown engines for ie: failing injectors and other reasons. Transmission issues with my year as well. Always had Toyotas, Subarus before and was hoping at my age I would have good reliable truck for years to come. Now I'm afraid to even travel long distances 

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Posted by: @mrb

What are the chances this diesel will last a few hundred thousand more miles or should I look at trading

Based on your experience, the answer is clear. Get rid of that truck before it falls apart. 


Hard to know.  Scotty featured that truck in a video a couple years ago and had favorable things to say.  And generally the baby Duramax is reasonably solid (full disclosure, I had an order on a diesel canyon until it got supply-chained and chip-shortaged out). 

But even if “average” reliability is OK, yours hasn’t exactly shown itself well.  

Its a real unique vehicle - a midsize diesel pickup.  It has a lot to like, but obviously it isn’t going to appeal to everyone.  If you generally like it, maybe find a mechanic to do an inspection (and maybe do an oil analysis to see if you can learn anything about the health of the engine). Might reassure you about keeping it. 

On the other hand, if you decide to sell it, given the rarity of it you should get a good sales price.

By the way, diesels generally do have significant maintenance needs.  Not unusual to need injectors and such around 100k.  Not necessarily a sign of a bad truck.  Maybe not a “few hundred thousand miles” left in ‘Er, but might still last you a while.