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[Solved] 2017 Honda Civic


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Hello Community! 

I was recently at a Toyota dealership looking at a used 2017 Honda Civic EX automatic with 93,000 miles. When we were about to test drive it, the salesperson tried turning it on but it just cranked. He claimed it was the battery and jumped it and it turned on. We test drove it for about 5 minutes. We turned it off and tried it on right away and the stereo turned on but the car wouldn’t start. The manager came out and claimed customers leave the lights on sometimes causing the battery to drain. 
Does this really happen often? I checked the CARFAX and alternator was changed at 79,000 miles.

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It can and does happen, and a five minute drive wouldn't charge up the battery - or tell even an expert much about the condition of the car. If I wanted to buy the car, I would say, "Put in a new battery, and I'll have my mechanic check out the charging system when they check out the rest of the car." Buy pre-owned, not pre-broken.