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2017 Honda Pilot Towing Kit Install


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So I bought all OEM parts to put on my trailer hitch for the 2017 Honda Pilot.  Its' an EX-L, not that it matters.  But when I went to put the bolts in the holes where the trailer hitch gets attached, the bolts would barely go in a 1/4 inch, even with impact wrech.  I figured they were dirty, I cleaned them with PB penetraing oil, and a wire bore hole cleaning brush.  But still same results.

How can I get these bolts to go in?  



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Posted by: @jslewis67

bolts would barely go in a 1/4 inch, even with impact wrech.

Sounds like the threads don't match. It's hard to say without seeing what you're doing. Do you have an photos?

hmmm, bolts are OEM from the kit. VIN numbers matched up on the vehicle and the kit. I will have to get pictures.

So finally able to get some pics. I bought a thread checker too to make sure I have the right size. Under the flash of the camera, the holes look a bit messed up. I can't find a thread chaser in this size, so I bought a stainless steel bolt in that size and plan to make my own thread chaser with it. So I can't figure out how to post pics here. I also can't seem to subscribe to the thread. Any assistance appreciated. Thanks.

I included a pic of the bolt. The one on the left is the OEM 14-1.5X40 with serrated flange. The one on the right is one I ordered thinking it was the same because somewhere I saw that the bolt was a 14X40. The difference in thread is very visible.

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So frame holes provided at factory level.  if they install the hitch at the factory, how different is the install?


The vehicle that you have was not meant for towing. If you were going to tow with that, you would had one installed from the factory. I would leave the vehicle alone.

he can tow a bit

So i bought the vehicle used, with no towing kit, because, you know, the selection is low as it is. and those with tow kits already installed were several thousand dollars more. So I decided to DIY it. I know people that have done it on other vehicles. Should be a fairly simple set up. The bolts go in factory dirlled holes already in the frame. . The HondayPilot 2017 can tow up to 5000 lbs with the transamission cooler kit. I got the tranny cooler kit and my mechanic installed that. So, yea, this thing is meant for towing. Smile


I would be weary of any hitch that relies on tapped holes vs through bolts
Not that it cant be done, more like the tendency to overload is ever present and the threads wont handle the weight like a through bolt design 

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Posted by: @jslewis67

So I can't figure out how to post pics here.

Instructions are in the "Read this first" link at the top of the main page.

Posted by: @jslewis67

I also can't seem to subscribe to the thread.

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Thanks for clarifying.