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Multiple transmission diagnostic faults


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I need your help and I would even be happy to bring my van to you to look at. I am a pet transporter and it’s important I don’t have issues with my van. It is throwing a series of f codes and no one tells me what the problem is they just keep wanting to change the transmission. It’s throwing the following codes but seems to run good with a slight hesitation once every so often when I let off the acceleration but I have driven it thousands of miles and the tranny seems fine. It has had miner fuel mileage reduced maybe 2mpg.


can you please tell me what I need. If I need a tranny along with Torque converter that is fine but I can’t really to get into a costly problem and it not be corrected. 

Thanks, Cyndi 

i Love My Pet Transport

Yes the miles are correct I will be hitting a half million miles in about 300 miles😊

2018 Toyota Sienna XLE Van V6 500,000 miles



My scanner shows

P2714 pressure control “D” solenoid stuck off

P0420 Catalvst System Efficiency

Below Threshold (Bank 1) nTo severity 2 of 3: Repair immediatelvEdrivability


the Toyota scanner shows



Torque Converter Clutch

Pressure Control Solenoid

Control Circuit Performance/ Stuck off




Pressure Control Solenoid D

Performance/Stuck Off



Torque Converter Clutch Circuit

Performance/Stuck Off




Catalyst System Effciency Below

Threshold Bank 



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At that mileage, even though they pretty much have to be almost all highway, you can bet there's a lot wearing out in that vehicle. When is the last time the transmission was serviced? It really should have been done 8 or 10 times by now. The transmission issues should be diagnosed by a transmission expert - not a dealer or chain shop.