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Looking for an off road car


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Hey Scotty, I was looking for a reliable off road car that I could that I could take down trails. I’m not really interested in an Suv, jeep or Truck. Do you have any good suggestions for one and why they would be a decent choice?

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Welcome new member.  A reliable off road car that isn’t a suv, Jeep, or truck is a Subaru. Or an AMC Eagle.

Can I get a reason why? Also thank you for the fast response!


Why Subaru?  Their niche is taking sedans and wagons, lifting to 9 inches of ground clearance, and adding AWD.  Not hard core rock crawlers, but for moderate trails in the backcountry they are quite nimble.

The search bar above will give you hours and hours of entertainment, telling you all you need to know about Subaru reliability. Short version: the AWD system is pretty much bombproof; their new CVTs and naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engines are also good.  Used Subaru reliability depends on which year and model.


Cool! Was hoping for something a used one atm. How are the transmissions? Is there an inclination toward standard or automatic? I can drive either.


That a really inconvenient requirement. If you want to offroad a car you'll have to do significant, expensive custom work to it. They're not built for it. Many trucks/SUVs come ready to go, or need minor upgrades.