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4 Runner Alternatives?


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Scotty I know 4 Runners are good reliable vehicles, but are they worth the $50K the dealers around the ATL area are asking for them? They all advertise vehicles they don’t have or the one that was $42K “was just sold” minutes before my arrival. I’d really like a Toyota based on reliable reputation, but when visiting a dealer I feel like the place is owned by Chevrolet 

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Given that comparable vehicles from other manufacturers cost just about as much, and that the other car companies are shutting down their assembly lines due to chip shortages (but not Toyota) the odds of getting a good deal on a 4Runner or any comparable trucks are pretty bad.

It's like trying to buy a house in 2007. IMHO a good time to buy a beater and spring for a long-term vehicle in a year or two.

@glen_stet Toyota absolutely did shut down and halt production for awhile. You’re right about the rest though. 

I think the “Overlanding” fad isn’t helping either. All the outdoor crap seems to be sold out like fishing tackle was in spring. Fortunately I’ve been into fishing for decades so I’m well provisioned there!

Anyway thanks for the feedback guys


There is only one Toyota, but TONS of different dealerships. Toyota doesn't own the dealerships.  Dealerships are middlemen.  Some dealers are ok, most are horrible.  There is some stupid law that says car makes have to sell through dealerships.  

(Tesla found a loophole in the law and is exploiting it.)

It might very well be the case that the owner of the dealership you went to, might also own a Chevy dealership. LOL.


You got that right and pretty often the case LOL!


The dealers (pretty much all of them right now) advertising the vehicles that are "in-transit", that's why the generic photos. Some dealers say in-transit, and some don't, and I don't like the latter, It really sucks because I don't want to waste my time going there if it's not physically there yet.

Yes that really drives me nuts. Had one tell me they had the exact trim, price blah blah that I had in mind in an email. I said ok I’ll swing over and check it out “oh sorry it just sold 5 minutes ago. Come on don’t waste my time with that BS. Oh well I’ll just keep my wish it were reliable VW Atlas maybe the market will improve in a year.

Thanks for the feedback everyone