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5W-30 or 0W-20?


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Hiya Scotty,

I have a 2008 Lexus GS350 that I named Plata with over 150,700 miles. I know Plata takes 5W-30 but the Lexus dealership here on NY is telling me to use 0W-20 because of it's age but I'm wondering because of the whole "oil good for the lifetime transmission" tactics some automakers use on consumers that the same might apply to engine oil and I purchased the 0W-20. Should I let Plata drink OW-20?

Best regards and please stay safe,

Mike and Plata

Thank you again Scotty, I just saw the new video. I'm sticking to what you and the manual says.

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Owners manual before anyone else. 

Yes, I kept telling myself that but purchased the 0W-20 because it was cheaper at the time than the 5W-30.


 I would use the old one they're just trying to sell you oil that they have in stock they probably don't stock the old oil anymore stick to the old stuff

Ok. They weren't trying to sell me anything, I called and asked them. Strangely, their Sales person said to stick to the old 5W-30 but their Parts department recommended the 0W-20 but use the old oil if you have it. I'm going to buy the old oil and use the new one in the cold...or perhaps sell the new oil off somewhere.

Still confused but thank you Scotty, I listen and apply what you said.


Stick to what you have been using and what the manual says to use.

I think you're right, best not to take chances but I still wonder since I purchased the new one already...

If it ain't broke, don't fix it my friend.

Thank you, yeah I'm going to put the 5W in!


Sometimes the manufacturer will update oil specs. If the manufacturer updated the oil spec to use the new weight, then it should be fine. If not, I’d used the old weight. 

I don't think they updated anything, I know that Lexus shops will use the new oil and they recommend it for older, higher mileage cars like mine.
They way they told me was, "You can use the old oil but we recommend using the newer oil for your Lexus because of it's age. For your Lexus GS350."
So I'm still not sure because I went through so many forums and there's people who've used it and haven't experienced any issues but those forums are filled with people who encourage to stick to the old oil. I don't want to get Plata drunk! I Dont Know Laugh

5W-20 or 5W-30.

No to 0W-20.

Oh yes I remember seeing this, that's why I kept asking around because so many people have used it without experiencing any problems but I'm still wondering because some of those success stories mentioned that they live in colder parts so the newer oils flow better.
The W means Winter and the number before it only means it flows better, so 0 will flow better than 5. The number after the dash as you know is a measurement of thickness.
Did you see Scotty's new video? He mentions they are backwards compatible so, 0W is backwards compatible but I'm unsure if he meant it being backwards compatible down the line like with the 5W-30 or with other 0W oils. I think I will buy the 5W-30 and be done with it but here is the video and please let me know your conclusions:


Scotty says don't at 5:15

Wow! That was me he was answering! LOLOL
Yeah, I ordered the 5W-30 oil and I'm going to try to sell off the 0W-20 somewhere...perhaps Facebook marketplace.
Thank you, I appreciate the proof.