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$625 brake pads


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I have a 2021 dodge charger scat pack automatic with 23k miles. Will need to replace the front brakes and was thinking on using the akabono pads ( $62) that Scotty raves about. The dealer pads are $625 for the front, is there something I'm missing or are they that much overpriced.

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Stay away from the dealership except for warranty work and recalls.


Look on Rockauto for brake pads or visit the Dodge Challenger enthusiast forums to see what aftermarket pads folks are recommending.


You're seeing first hand how they earned the nickname stealerships.

The dealer pads are $625 for the front

Waaaaa… that’s insane.

I checked and even Brembo Prime are like $150.

was thinking on using the akabono pads ( $62) that Scotty raves about

Sure, assuming they’re the correct material - sounds like a great option.


I can vouch for Akebono. I put them on my two cars and the brakes work as smooth as silk. Those prices are way out of line. Rockauto stocks them for most cars. They are a little more expensive but not the kind of money your talking.


For the correct Akebono brake pad part number for your particular vehicle, you can check the website under the ‘performance’ category. 


 Are you sure those aren't brake pads AND brake rotors prices? Even with that, it still sits high up there.

pads only I went to the dealer myself and that is the price for them. rear pads were 585
rotors were around 220 for front or rear so that isnt as bad

Inflation at its finest...
OR stealership at their finest