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Aftermarket Door Locks


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Anyone know of any good aftermarket power door locks? My 2004 Acura tl locks are a mess and I don't really want to mess with the MICU on such an old car. It'd be really cool if it was something I could like plug into the cigarette lighter to power, that way if it causes problems I could disconnect it easily. Thanks! 

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I don't know of any good ones but of course there's always junk yards and you can get them off the same car that has automatic door locks


I don't recommend it. You have to splice into the wiring and on a car that age, you basically open Pandora's Box. 


can you still open the door with a key? welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll why not?

I hope he can, on so many modern cars (especially around ±2010) the automakers began cheeping out on central locking for the physical key. 🤣
On my Focus, The regular key can unlock all doors, but can only lock the driver's. I'm still unsure if it's Ford genuinely being that cheap or if this is some plot to make me use the remote more...