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[Solved] Any generation of Honda Fit I should avoid?


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This is for all non-turbo, manual transmission Fits I am considering. Years range from 2007 to 2017, with mileage going from 20k on the newest to 100k on the oldest. Thank you!

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Not really, all years of the Fit seem to be indestructible. Plus, where you are not getting a turbocharger or automatic transmission you are bypassing the two weakest links. You should be good to buy any year.


You might want to avoid specifically the 2015 model year other than that they are great cars!


With the older generations of the Fit, when inspecting the car, try to look out for rust below the front windshield area/near the fresh air intake plumbing, as that’s a known area to start rusting for vehicles which are in a humid/coastal region. 

The car itself is bulletproof, mechanically.