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Big Red Warning Label on Replacement Alternator: Make Sure to Replace Voltage Regulator!


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I have a 1968 Oldsmobile Delta 88. Just replaced the alternator and the "new" one had a red warning label telling me to also replace the voltage regulator.
Checked the voltage at the battery and it was within spec. 
Is this really required or is it a way to get me to part with more money?


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Modern alternators have solid state voltage regulation in unit with the rest of the alternator. Old style voltage regulators were much more failure prone, and if they went bad, it could kill your alternator - so if you didn't replace the voltage regulator, you would burn out the new alternator, return it for replacement, rinse and repeat.

So it's probably in everybody's best interest to put in a fresh regulator - they're cheap compared to alternators.


Posted by: @locolunch

part with more money?

how much money?

$123 at one of the popular on-line sellers.