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Blinker fluid.


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What is blinker fluid and what dose it do?

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Usually the blinker fluid is checked and topped up as needed when the muffler bearings are serviced, typically every other oil change. (Though on newer cars that use synthetic high-temperature muffler bearing grease they really only need to be checked once a year.)


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To make the turn signal flash, it needs pulses of electrical current. To do this, the circuit uses an electrolytic fluid, which creates an bistable chemical catalytic reaction that alternates polarity. Positive charge, then negative charge. Eventually the fluid just wears out or evaporates and blinker goes dead.

Remove the rear plug, and top it up once in a while.


Yeah, and check the frammis and risbee pin too!

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My dad has a 07 avalanche with 180,560 miles and has never changed his LOL it’s a blessing it hasent went out yet.

he's lucky. Those lasted much longer than the new solid state flashers.


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blinker fluid?

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i guess the bulbs and wires we have used for 100 years isn't good enough?

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I guess that's "progress" for you. Maybe they'll start using Star Trek style plasma conduits next to power blinkers and lighting.


as real as diesel spark plugs Smile



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@mmj Is that why you quit being admin? I don't know what are his reasons to have this forum.
@keve similar question was asked quite soon after this forum went alive