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Should I buy this 2012 1 series diesel?


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BMW 1 SERIES 2012 (12 reg) 2.0 116D SE 5d 114 BHP GREAT EXTRAS-£30 PER YEAR TAX £9,000

Hi Scotty , 


Im a big fan of you and your show and listen to all your advice. 


I know your not a BMW fan, but is this a good offer? see link below


Thanks very much in advance! : ) Oops


The link says vehicle no longer available..

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There are better choices out there. You should go for something else.

thank you for your reply, can you possibly explain? ta

BMWs aren't the most reliable cars, even in Europe where they are built better than US market BMWs. It's also a pretty old BMW so there might already be some expensive problems associated with it. And finally, they aren't as fuel efficient as the competition, even diesels lag behind others.

ok thank you,really appreciate it Smile im at a loss as to which car to purchase unfortunately ...


Can £9000 get you a diesel Polo?

Maybe @dan might have better suggestions for Britain..

thank you very much for your response, not a fan of the WV but I'll bear it in mind : )

What do you fancy buying, in your area? Does it ‘have’ to be a BMW/Merc/Audi?

hi Dan, no i would like a good car fuel efficient diesel with no issues further down the line or pre-existing issues underlaying under the surface. (Skoda, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Vauxhall and other low grade cars are out of the question). i'm really at a loss. Is the merc no good?


The BMW1 series diesel is fine, the same Diesel engine as Toyotas and a reasonably durable transmission.

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hi Dan

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