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Buying a car for my 16 yr old son


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Hi scotty, big fan 

my question is. What would be a good beginner car for my soon to be 16 yr old son ? 

models & yrs ?  

thanks scotty huge fan love your show 

- Fredy A. 

What do you currently drive right now? Is your son into cars? Are you on a budget? If so-how much?

I currently have a chrysler 300 (biggest pos ive ever owned) a ford f150 & a lincoln towncar thats a project car im workin on. Hes not that into cars more focused on school. budget wise im not tryin to go all out just something that is reliable and he can have fun in.

2006-2010 Corolla/Civic with under 70k miles. Simple, extremely reliable, and won’t have to be fixed very often

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Exactly 😂🤣


Bad time to be in the market for any used car. But try to find him an old, but good condition Corolla or Civic. 

If he’s into them, a manual Miata or a Panther platform car may be a good first car too.

No matter what you end up buying, be sure to have it thoroughly inspected by a professional mechanic, before purchase. 

All the best & congratulations on his first car!

civic or corolla ok. I did have in mind a civic or an accord and i totally spaced that i had a camry when i was a teenager and the thing lasted forever. Thank you for the tips i appreciate it and ill be on a lookout for those models. Thanks again

No worries.


The best beginner car for your 16 year old son is the one he gets a job and works for.

id rather him focus on school right now. He can get a job anywhere and anytime but i want him to focus just on school

If you just buy him a car, I can assure you that he won't be focusing on school.


Tell him to get a job

get him the cheapest thing you can find

make him pay for gas and insurance

nobody bought me a car!

Not all of us are so lucky, but I'm sure he is a good son, hard working, responsible, and earned this reward and important opportunity to become a better and more mobile, contributing member of his family and society. Right, mittegag? Wink

You're killing me here, Joe! Laughing Out Loud

No, I meant what I said unlike all the other negative Nancy's here. Unless I see a reason to think otherwise, I try to give the benefit of the doubt. Not everybody's kids are spoiled rotten.