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Should I buy this Cadillac


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I came a cross a 2007 cadillac sts V6 with 139K miles. Anyone know if that's a good buy? Looking to purchase a used car and really fell in love with how the car looks.

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Not a lot of love around here for the Northstar V8, but the 3.6L V6 is a good motor.  

Either way, though, a 15 year old Caddy is gonna have issues.  Get a prepurchase inspection (and order the full meal deal).  

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Eeesh! They're great looking vehicles, I'd tell you that much. But the fact that it's a fancy GM product, it's definitely an endless money pit from my point of view. And with that high amount of mileage, I'd definitely have a mechanic check it out before having the decision to buy it or not. Don't let the looks fool you my friend! You wouldn't want to have this caddy breaking down on you after having it for maybe no longer than a year or so! 

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