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Carbon-Neutral Fuel?


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(I am in no way an expert on this matter so correct me at your leisure!)Why don't car manufacturers invest in carbon-neutral fuel sources instead of trying to make all these electric cars that most likely require a learning curve to produce correctly? Car manufacturers don't have to change nearly as much to the cars they produce, and they can go off on their "greener for the world" spiels they love. It seems to be a smarter choice to me.

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Is anything ever completely carbon neutral? I think there's always going to be some carbon produced as some step along the way.


I think they are investigating other fuel sources, such a hydrogen. I don't think you can make a radical change, like switching away from a carbon based fuel without some growing pains.


Hybrid cars seem like a good solution to ease people into switching to electric.

That is true, it will be a very long time, if ever, until we have carbon-free fuel. I like to think of "perfect over time" as Toyota does, so why not the same with fuel!

And I believe this is a good start with jet fuel.


Frankly I don't see the point of being "carbon neutral".

It seems pretty pointless for a planet that's covered in it. Almost everything that plants and animals make is assembled on a carbon scaffold (including our DNA).

I know. I don't want to really get into it because that's not what we're here for but the whole thing is just ludicrous on its face.


What would be an example of a carbon neutral fuel?

Mister Fusion.

That’s heavy.