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Chirping sound from Rack in Pinion


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I have a 2011 Honda CR-V with 128k and I'm getting this weird chirping sound, like crickets coming from as round my rack and pinion when coming to a stop and when turning at low speeds. It makes no noise when driving at normal speeds. It only does this when there is a load on the engine (in gear, not in park). You can make the chirping sound happen at will by putting a load on the car, in drive with brake applied and turn the steering wheel from side to side. Someone told me, they said it sounds like my belt, but the noise is on the opposite side of the engine and not coming from the belt. Definitely from the rack and pinion area.

please use a smartphone to record it, upload with the youtube app, and share the link with us.

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Well usually chirping is fan belt. So here's an easy test. Just take the fan belt off. The noise goes away. You know that's what it is.

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I put a new belt on anyway, since I'm the 2nd owner and who knows when it was replaced, but it looked in pretty shape. Also, changed the tensioner earlier in the year. Noise was still present both with and without belt. Definitely the noise is not coming from the belt area, but rather towards the bottom area of backside of the engine, near the steering rack.

Could the rack and pinion be binding? It has off and on assistance when turning the wheel, a lot of vibration when turning when the noise is present.


I should also note that mechanics in my area aren't the brightest or the most capable 😅

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