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Need review on Toyota Premio 2020 FEX 1.5L


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Hey Scotty, Im from Bangladesh. Can you make a review on Toyota Premio? 

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Unlikely. Scotty doesn't live in Bangladesh.


Hi, Scotty doesn't live in an area where that car is available - and neither do I.


But the gist of the Premio is that it's a bellow average car.


Assuming we are talking about the Toyota T260, the cheap version of the European T270 (Avensis)


The 1.5L engine they used in this somewhat large sedan is a joke, 

107 hp and 103 ft-lb just doesn't cut it on a CVT powered 2,600 pound car.

And some of the CVTs installed on these were quite unreliable - although the 2020 might have a decent K120.


Other than the questionable powertrain, it's based on the old Corolla platform, so it's decent in that regard.