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water pump making noise


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2014 Toyota Sienna LE V6

I bought this car from a used car auction here in town in 2015. It had 32,000 miles on it and when I brought it into the dealer for a warranty check they told me there were signs that it had been in an accident and they would not honor the warranty.

I have been doing my own maintenance and repairs ever since. Changed the oil every 3000 to 5000 miles despite what the dealership told me and changed the trans fluid every 100,000 miles. Currently at 200,000 on the odometer.  Every 50,000 miles I bring it into the dealership for an inspection and so far nothing too serious. Changed out the radiator and cooling fan, alternator, control arms, sway bar links and struts every 60,000 miles because I primarily use it for Uber and go over at least one hundred speed bumps a night here on the Las Vegas strip.

The last time I brought it in for a check the dealership told me to change out the water pump because it was making noise but shop manual says I have to drop the engine out to do that on this model. If I do drop the engine what else should I change out when I have full and easy access to everything? Is it even worth the trouble considering how many city miles I have on it?

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There are some videos out there that say it can be done with the engine in the vehicle.,


Never take your car to or believe anything a dealer tells you.  Find an independent mechanic.

I did that, the first told me it was the CV axle and I would have to change both because they wanted to get paid. The second told me it was the idler pulley and the third told me it was the tensioner pulley. I changed both, it is the water pump. That's how they do it in Vegas...

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That's how they do it in Vegas...