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Sienna engine swap


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2001 Toyota Sienna 145k miles

Did most of compression test, had trouble getting last two from back, ended up dropping my rachet back there. So in the morning I will maybe have to jack it up, and get under there.


2 185
4 170
5 155
6 130

How are these readings, they are a bit off. But higher not lower.

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The results also depend on how you did the test.  Did you do a dry and wet test?  Did you make sure to have the throttle plate was completely open while doing the test? Generally, a 15% difference between cylinders is considered bad.

@ag408548 -
If the compression comes up on the wet test, it means the rings are shot, with the low reading cylinders. If it doesn't, the valves are probably worn out. I would also do a leak down test to isolate the worn components.

I just took one plug out at a time, and put the tester in. And cranked it.

@ag408548 - Not the correct procedure.




Well you certainly have uneven wear in that engine. You'd have to look up what Toyota specifies for normal compression on that engine but it looks like some cylinders are too high (carbon buildup) and some are too low (worn rings or valves).

Posted by: @ag408548

I just took one plug out at a time, and put the tester in. And cranked it.

To do a proper compression test all plugs should be removed and the throttle plate opened up, then you crank with the tester in each cylinder in turn. Then put a teaspoon or so of oil in each cylinder and repeat. If compression increases significantly you have worn rings and/or cylinder bores. As @doc says a leakdown test would be a good idea as well.

Although I hate to judge before all the facts are in, it is beginning to look like you're beating a dead horse with this decades-old Sienna. It appears that the "dude" who sold it to you knew exactly what he was doing - getting more money than a junkyard would have given him for that poor worn-out old thing.

Aloha I re did it this time removing all spark plugs

I got about 170 inall ckyinders except for #3, it was 150


You can find 10 places online that will sell you a reman engine for this vehicle.


Number 3 is low compared to others. Did you also do set compression test? 

@yaser - you mean wet, not set?


So what is your question?

If the engine is in fairly good condition to potentially last 300k or so like a few years


Can you just buy an engine for this van, or find a guy you knows how to properly rebuild the existing one? & what shape is the transmission in? Junkyard engines probably wont last too long.... and as far as finding the same engine but came in a different vehicle, that's not a full proof idea. Example being, my Camaro has a GM L36, a buick lesabre of the same year has an L36, but they have different intake systems, exhaust system, oil pan, and alot of other little details too. 

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Bought a Toyota Sienna 2003, 100k miles with a blown engine. Immaculate shape inside and out. $200


There's a big junkyard near by

They have no siennas for this generation but plenty other cars, wondering what year and modelw cars have same exact engines.

May just sell my 01 sienna, not the best shape, runs and drives. And pay my friend $500 to throw a used engine in it. 

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I have a 01 Toyota Sienna 145k mikes, bought for $800


So I recently posted a question, asking if my compression was good. And was told I did not do test correctly.

I just did the test correctly, took out all spark plugs. Did not do a wet test tho.

Here's the numbers

1. 170

2. 170

3 150

4. 170

5 170

6 170


So a couple were maybe 168 or something but all were about 170 with number 3 being 150

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Didn't see that, I see no responses tho, ppl prob would comment if was a separate fourm

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Tested another Sienna, a 03 CE, 100k miles.

Compression test with all plugs out

170 150 170 170 170 170

How you think this is? Could it last 300k



Was this from the dry test or the wet test?

Only did a dry test