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Does the 2021 Honda Accord 1.5T has issues?


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I got for myself this car 2 months ago and I was wondering if it does have any issues with the engine or transmission I heard those 1.5 turbo engines aren’t very good but not sure if I’m accords as well. 

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This site points out some common problems with the 1.5T.


This video from Scotty if for the new civic with turbo charged engine and he mentions Honda having fixed the problem with a software update and using the gf6 oil. so it can apply to the Accord too. but personally I would still go for the none turbo charged engines.


They can have oil dilution problems. If you switch to gf6 oil and get the software update from Honda it won’t have those problems. However, I would always only buy a non turbocharged engine on any car! Even a Toyota!