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what does Scotty think of these 2 lexus videos?


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do these 2 videos show the power of a lexus or ?

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Those V8 engines are strong but I would say he probably needs better tires cuz they did slip somewhat when pulling hard

@scottykilmer I was just amazed with all that weight, towing up hill, it was only slipping that much! Shock Shock Shock

I don't think tires are the issue Roll


It shows you how tough a toyta/lexus tranny and engine is. When I see people pulling insane loads on a 6500# max rated vehicle, I feel better about towing more with my GX470 LOL!

Anybody have a guess how much those boats weighed?


I would say in the neighborhood of 35,000 lbs

@mountainmanjoe amazing that he managed to tow those things up the boat ramp. I was wondering if he recruited a bunch of huge friends to sit in the car with him to help get traction. LoL
The tongue weight is rated at 720#, I know he went way over that!