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Hey Scotty NGK Ruthenium Spark plugs?


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Honda CRV 2004 142k miles 
Someone on another forum recommended NGK Ruthenium spark plugs. Are they accurately marketed and worth the purchase? 

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They look interesting, and perhaps even better than the iridiums, I guess time will tell.

For people with a waste spark system, or plugs really hard to get to, they may be a good option. I will say NGK do make good spark plugs, they were oem on my 98' 4runner, at least half of them were, the other 3 were denso. That was a waste spark system in the 3.4. If toyota uses them for oem, you know they are good, we will see about the rutheniums.

I don't see too many of them for sale, but they seem to be about the same price as iridiums.


Well, the iridiums are good for 120,000 at least. If you believe the car will be on the road past that maybe they are woth it. It could be but likely not.



What's next? Unobtainium?