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Down Shifting


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Hi Scotty, I have a 2013 Honda civic, what speed is safe to shift from Drive to D3, 2,1

Thanks Phil....

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Your owner's manual likely has a section on when to select which speed. It definitely will if you have Sport mode and can manually change gears, so I would look in there, first.


The computer will likely also help determine this for you. They have safeguards in them nowadays where the computer will not allow you to make an input that will damage the engine or transmission. Pretty much every modern car will ignore an erroneous switch from Drive to Reverse while moving, for instance. If you try that in an old automatic, like my 1979 Pontiac, it will destroy the transmission. 


you can downshift to 3rd at almost any speed.

2nd can be used in city limits. Not highway speed.

1st, school zone speed