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Engine shudders in low gear


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Chevy cruze, 2012, 103k miles, 1.4l

When I accelerate at low speeds I can sort of feel my engine shudder. Are those possibly misfires? Could a weak battery cause this? I’m not sure. Thanks.

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If that's a turbo engine, CHECK YOUR PCV SYSTEM.

It's a very common thing to happen on an Opel Astra with that engine.


After that, check the obvious things like air filter, have the spark plugs been replaced,... etc.


If it's not that, I'd check if you're getting the correct amount of boost, these tend to have turbo issues.


Wether it is, you can not ignore issues on the 1.4T, as these's pistons fall apart very quickly if the engine isn't running correctly.

These engines are quite horrid, they're made by Opel and were "Born in Germany" (their slogan for the car the Cruze was based on)


yes and yes.

Run a diagnostic scan for misfires.

Have the battery/alt tested for free at autozone.

Check the transmission fluid.

Check for technical bulletins.