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Factory Reset an Innova 5610 Scanner


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Hello, all,

I am in need of returning an Innova 5610 Scanner that I never should have bought. Long story short, I thought I could play mechanic and ended up screwing up my VSA and ABS systems, requiring them to get recalibrated by somebody who actually knew what they were doing.

This stuff is CLEARLY over my head. I had no idea how much of a time and money investment it would take to understand the very intricate and highly technical parts of an automobile. I'll take my lumps and pay other people who do this on a daily basis.

I've scoured Google and forums and can't find the procedure for wiping my Scanner so I can take it back to O'Reilly. Anybody know what the "magic" key combination is?


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Why do you need to wipe it? Doesn't it just connect to whatever vehicle you plug it into?

Anyway, we're not tech support for Innova. Call them.

I get that. I have called and E-Mailed Innova, both, and have not received a response. It has been a week and I have a 30 day window I have to hit.

The scanner has stored my car make/model, VIN number and all of the diagnostic recorded data. I see no options anywhere inside of it to delete any of this information. I have thoroughly read the manual. I was hoping that somebody who uses the tool on a regular basis happened to know how to do so. I don't mean to be a bother.

No bother. I wouldn’t be too worried about vin. There’s nothing that can identify you personally or affect you


Call Innova at 1-800-544-4124 and ask them.

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Anybody know what the "magic" key combination is?

Have you tried the age old method of removing the 2 AA batteries for a few minutes and checking if everything has reset?

Check the tool’s saved memory post the battery removal using the the user manual procedure -

User manual?!
That's cheating.

I know, I know..