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[Solved] Girl who knows nothing about cars REALLY needs advice on a vehicle I just bought.....


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Hi there!! So I just bought a 2013 Honda Accord lx. It has approx 140k miles. I thought you basically couldn't go wrong with a Honda of any kind.  I did some research before hand and everyone seemed to agree that the 2013 Accord is a very reliable vehicle.

Well, shortly after I bought it I stumbled across one of Scotty's videos saying that Honda's with the Earth Dreams Technology are basically crap. Apparently they have issues with gasoline mixing with the oil and they burn oil like crazy. I purchased my Honda from a private party and returning it is not an option. I gave the person all of the money I had available in my car budget so now I am sort of stuck with the vehicle. 

I am panicked thinking I might have made a horrible choice. Especially since this Honda is quite high mileage with 140k already. Curious if anyone has any advice on this particular vehicle.  Was it a horrible buy? Were ALL Honda 2013 Accords affected by these oil issues? The car looks great and seems to drive very smooth. I am just concerned that it might have some major oil issues that might cause problems soon. Any and all advice is MUCH appreciated. I desperately need a reliable car.

Thanks for your help!


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Don't worry, change your oil regularly (3000 miles) and use that GF-6 oil. 


Don't panic. Follow Scotty's advice. Instead of 10,000 mile oil changes do them at 5,000 miles with a quality 0W-20 synthetic.

Your car has 140,000 miles on it and it's running fine. Since you just bought it and can't be sure the last time the oil was changed, go have it changed. In 5,000 miles have it changed again and tell the guys that you want to smell a sample of the oil because you're concerned about gasoline dilution in your Earth Dreams engine. (believe me, they'll respect you but you'd better bring your own sample container)

If it smells of gasoline at the 5,000 mile interval, maybe cut the interval down to 3,000 miles. See if it still smells of gasoline at 3,000 miles.

((not too long ago we did oil changes at 3,000 mile intervals and we still managed to have productive and enjoyable lives))

Thanks for the response! Thats a good idea about asking for a sample of the oil. I have heard that if you use a thicker oil, the vehicle will burn less oil. Do you know anything about that or do I have to use 0W-20?

On modern engines, always use the oil specified by the manufacturer. Any gains made by using thicker oil will be negated and then some from your internal parts not being lubricated quickly enough when you first start your engine.

On an engine with variable valve timing (pretty much all modern engines) you really don't want to use a thicker oil since it can mess up the cam phasors. It turns out the engine you have is not one of the ones that suffers from the oil dilution problem so no worries, just maintain it properly and it should run for a very long time.


I would agree with jack62, except I would go ahead and change the oil now rather than waiting 5000 miles. That way you will know when the last oil change was. I personally would go ahead and put the car on a 3000 mile schedule…but I can be a little obsessive.

Some of these cars with A reputation for problems can be just fine for a lot of miles if you baby them. 

Thanks for the response! I appreciate it


As I recall Scotty said it is specifically the smaller Earth Dreams engines (1.5 liter) that have the oil dilution problems, not the larger ones (2.0 liter I think). What size engine do you have?

OP has a 2.4L naturally aspirated I4 (GDI).

I have a 2.4 L engine. Are those supposed to be fine?

@Jsg7300. See my response in this thread, but generally yes. Still follow Jack62’s advice.


I have a 2020 Accord 2.0T and just do 5k mile changes as I do with all my vehicles.


First off, you have a 2.4L naturally aspirated I4 (GDI still).  I would gladly take that over the 1.5L or 2.0L turbocharged I4 that Honda is using now in most of their vehicles:  those are more susceptible to oil dilution than your engine.

Then, I would follow Jack62’s excellent advice.

You also have a 6-speed manual transmission:  Good powertrain combo.  Stay on top of all the maintenance (be sure to have a good, trusted mechanic do the work, watch Scotty’s videos to learn, and also ask here) and it should last you a while.


How did you figure it was NA?

@Kaizen per the 2013 Honda Accord brochure: and OP said she had the LX trim.

Its an automatic not a manual. Does that make a difference? Thanks!