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Girl who knows nothing about cars REALLY needs advice on a vehicle I just bought.....


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Hi there!! So I just bought a 2013 Honda Accord lx. It has approx 140k miles. I thought you basically couldn't go wrong with a Honda of any kind.  I did some research before hand and everyone seemed to agree that the 2013 Accord is a very reliable vehicle.

Well, shortly after I bought it I stumbled across one of Scotty's videos saying that Honda's with the Earth Dreams Technology are basically crap. Apparently they have issues with gasoline mixing with the oil and they burn oil like crazy. I purchased my Honda from a private party and returning it is not an option. I gave the person all of the money I had available in my car budget so now I am sort of stuck with the vehicle. 

I am panicked thinking I might have made a horrible choice. Especially since this Honda is quite high mileage with 140k already. Curious if anyone has any advice on this particular vehicle.  Was it a horrible buy? Were ALL Honda 2013 Accords affected by these oil issues? The car looks great and seems to drive very smooth. I am just concerned that it might have some major oil issues that might cause problems soon. Any and all advice is MUCH appreciated. I desperately need a reliable car.

Thanks for your helo!


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Your car engine does not have the issue. You don't have the turbo and GDI together. Has your mechanic checked the car before purchase?

I had it checked out at a dealership. They said it looked good overall with no mention of any engine/transmission or oil issues. But it only took them like 15 mins so I dont know how thoroughly they checked it.

You have a similar post and other members commented there. Follow their advice.

BTW, @Jsg7300 you can never trust what the dealerships say. As we always tell folks on this forum, it’s best to always have an independent, honest mechanic look over your cars.