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Grinding Noise from Front End When Turning


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My roommate drives a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 Worktruck Automatic 4 wheel drive that’s got 72,000 miles. He’s the only owner its ever had. He had been driving it in 2 wheel drive, but when it snowed here in Texas in Feb. 2021, he switched it into 4 wheel drive. Going straight it was doing fine, but when we were turning, we started to hear a grinding noise coming from the front end. We never hear the noise when we turn in 2 wheel drive. We took it to the dealership, and they said it was normal for lower speeds. Is it truly normal? What could be causing the noise?

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haha wtf no. Grinding in the driveline is NOT normal


Trying changing out the transfer case fluid and see if it helps. While you're down there, see what the model is. Also check and see if there's any Service Bulletins for your vehicle.




When you were turning were you on a slippery surface or on the pavement, because my Avalanche also does that when I'm in 4X4 and on a dry surface but not in the snow or slippery conditions. Honestly, I think it is just fighting itself if all tires have grip because it doesn't make that noise in 4 auto or 2 wheel drive.


If you were on dry pavement, does the noise sound similar to what the owner’s manual is referring to?