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[Solved] 2012 Civic owner's manual says not to spray water in air intake vents


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Hi guys... I was checking my 2012 Honda Civic owner's manual, and says "Do not spray water into the Air Intake Vents... it can cause a malfunction." And when I check the Air Intake Vents are outside... what about rain? Rain doesn't get in there?

You appear to have gotten confused as to where your question is supposed to go versus the title which is a short description. It's now fixed, but please take note for future reference:

Ok. Thank you Chuck🙏

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they mean A LOT of water.


Posted by: @jjjjj100

what about rain?

well the intake is under the hood where it's mostly dry. The intake has bends in it, which further blocks liquid. And the minuscule amount that gets past all that, will either quickly evaporate, or stop at the air filter.

Thank You So Much Joe🙏

No problem. Is there a reason for the question? Were you planning to wash under the hood or something? The thing you need to watch out for is driving through deep water and going too fast through deep puddles.

I bought it like a week, so I was just going through the manual.


Could it be they meant don't spray water into the engine intake such as the inlet to the air filter?

You might be thinking of cabin fresh air vent which has curves and baffles to prevent water from entering the HVAC ducts.