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High Mileage Synthetic motor oil.


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Hi Guys,

12 year old Mazda 6 uses 0W20 synthetic motor oil.

Change every 5,000 Kms.

Over150K Kms now always used fully synthetic motor oil what ever is on sale at the time.

Prefer Ultra Platinum Pennzoil if I can, it just feels like it runs better.

Now I see an new oil called High Mileage what is that costs the same.

Is it better for older engines.

Will it help on seals and sludge?


Thank you,



Thank you guys for the video.
Project Farm is very informative.

He has a whole play list on oil testing.
I used many type of oil brands but never Amsoil, Redline or Royal Purple, just too expensive and hard to find.
As I said before Ultra Platinum Pennzoil feels like it runs smoother and quieter.
After Amsoil and Redline, UP Penzoil scores higher than all the rest.

Very expensive though up here in Canada but all the brands are priced at the same price level.
I just wait for sales and get it at half price, $36 for 5 quarts.

I will continue using my usual oil but with time and mileage increase, will shorten my oil change intervals.


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Mostly marketing hype but there are some differences between "high mileage" and regular oil formulations. Here's a comparison test - Pennzoil is not included but this should provide a general idea:


I would just use synthetic oil with the correct viscosity. The important thing is to use oil the correct viscosity and change the oil and filter regularly.


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I was always skeptical of high mileage oil. 

But this video made me re-evaluate those thoughts. 


Wowzers, at first glance I thought I'd accidentally double-posted! Eek

The video is interesting but I'm still not necessarily convinced the differences are significant under actual engine operating conditions.

Hahahha. Same video!

I am not completely convinced either. But a little more open that there might be something to the high mileage oil.

If it is the same price, it may be worth considering. If it is more, no way. I don’t think the advantages outweighs the price difference.

Yes actual conditions are the big question and what's really missing from testing