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Honda CRV-2001 cranks wont start especially when the car is hot


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CRV:2001, AWD. Mileage 194K
Hesitate to start when engine is hot, cranks but no start. 
Exact similar problem discussed here by username: baby_monkey

Weird problem, already change spark plugs, battery timing belts (all three). Cleaned the IAC valve, changed intake air filter.
But no imrovement. Car idles high: ~1400 rpm at start sometimes come down to ~800 after driving. 

How to fix it?

Please help!

Have you already replaced the fuel filter and pressure tested the fuel pump? Have the fuel injectors been pressure cleaned?

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I know it's one of the biggest problems as valves that are out of adjustment have the valves adjusted first. If not that an engine filled with carbon deposits also does that so have a mechanic pressure clean the carbon out with this carbon cleaning machine or add some carbon cleaner cuz the fuel system