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Should I buy a Toyota CHR


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Hello Scotty from Sudbury Ontario Canada my wife and I are really thinking of ordering a Toyota CHR but looking at the review's on line most are saying it has a terrible engine due to a big lack of power now I seen in your video's that you yest drove one what is your opinion on it. 

PS thank you for all the work you do much enjoyed and appreciated!😁




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terrible engine

What engine are you talking about? it was offered with 7 different options. 

The 3ZR 2.0L is an AMAZING engine, durable, simple, reliable.


Generally, It's a good car.

A ZR engine with a DirectShift CVT is pretty much the best combo you can get.


Also consider the Corolla Cross, but that's a newer arguably worse engine with the same DirectShift CVT.


I actually love the one I test drove but then again we drive a Toyota matrix 1.8 that was made in Cambridge Ontario. Basically it's the best all around car we ever got you don't buy a small car for horsepower you buy it for gas mileage and fun to drive