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How many car brands do you think are money pit?


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Scotty! Which and how many car brands are money pit?

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Put it this way, if I am going to buy a newer vehicle today and plan to keep for as long as possible with best chance for reliability, I will only look at 4 main brands:  Toyota, Honda, Mazda,  and maybe Subaru.  Honorable mention is Nissan but only their RWD applications (and only if it’s a product that the others can’t give me).

I agree with your list. But Nissan makes me nervous; they have been hemorrhaging $$ and I could see a bankruptcy filing if things get worse. If that happens, the consumer always gets the shaft.


At this point pretty much all new cars are loaded with complex over-the-top technology that will cost a fortune to fix when they get old. Some of this is due to "because we can" hubris, and some is due to increasingly burdensome regulation that passed the point of diminishing return ages ago. (Some of it may even be due to market demand, but I expect very little of it is.)

They are all going to turn into money pits, it's a matter of degree.


1. All exotics

2. Hyundai/Kia

3. Ford

4. Stellantis

5. GM

6. Alfa Romeo

7. Genesis

8. BMW/Mercedes


That's a good start.


according to  these guys, all of them except for the ones they personally own.


How many brands are money pits?

Autotrader lists ~67 brands. I’d only buy a car from 7 of those brands. Those seven brands are based on personal experience with two of the brands, and reputation for the rest. 

So that will leave about 60 brands as money pits.  

With that said, there are certain models from certain brands I would consider.  This is just speaking generally on the overall brand.


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Which 7?

In no particular order, the usual suspects and one oddball, since it’s not available anymore in the US.

Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Subaru, and… Suzuki.


I won't recommend anything but so far my 2002 Ford Mustang GT (70,000 miles) and my 2014 Nissan Xterra S (49,000 miles) have held up very well with only minor issues. They've both been reliable.