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Scotty I’ll ask you this question because I figure I’ll get a REAL answer from you. I purchased a 2019 Nissan Pathfinder 4WD SV with an automatic transmission this year after my 03 Ford Explorer was totaled. Recently the days are getting cool enough I find need to run my heater when coming back from the fire station in the middle of the night (I’m a volunteer) or when headed in to work in the morning. When I push the Auto control knob for the fan speed and heat, it will change where the air is blowing (for example face) to something else. And if I have recirculate on it will turn it off. My dealership told me this is normal, but I’m calling BS because it’s not consistently switching to one output (I.e feet etc)…one time it will go from face to feet, another time to defrosters or face and feet combo or even feet with defrosters, and ever so rarely it will stay on the face when I push the auto button to automatically regulate heat/fan speed. This doesn’t seem normal to me and it seems like it should stay on the output setting selected despite me activating the automatic regulation. Is my dealership corrrect and I have to put up with this behavior or is their something that can be fixed (such as a firmware update to the computer) or some control module I can replace. I may not be a mechanic but I know when something doesn’t seem right and this behavior from the climate system sure doesn’t seem normal to me. 

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Well the automatic system is designed that way. But of course the time goes on they may have software to change it if enough people complain. I am not a fan of Nissan myself

Thanks Scotty. I reckon I’ll get used to using the heating system just like the old manual system in my 03 Explorer then. Wasn’t sure if they were just being lazy or if they were telling me the truth. I appreciate that frank honesty and that’s why I love hearing you tell it like it is. I’ve done a lot on my ‘03 explorer myself after learning from your channel. Appreciate your response kind sir and please keep it up. People need someone to tell it honestly like you do. The Nissan rides very well, and with traction control off it handles great at high speeds (responding to a call as a volunteer), and is well insulated against road noise, but definitely has some stuff I’m not a fan of too. All the darned computers that make it hard to do anything myself are an example.


This is normal for auto function.. in your owners manual it should tell you and how to set it.. otherwise simple answer is just stop using auto and just turn your heat on and put it where you want it? 

Thanks for that info. The owners manual is like the instruction book for the space shuttle so I hadn’t seen that info. I had to dig into another section to find it, but finally did. I appreciate that reply and thank you greatly. I’ve spent a lot of time wiring my siren, warning lights, etc. into the car and have not had a chance to THOROUGHLY read the manual. Just got through basics like 4 wheel drive, traction control, etc to where I can safely operate the vehicle. Now that I’ve finished getting my stuff wired in and approved by my volunteer department and our state patrol I’ll start reading the manual more carefully. 🙂