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Is it worth putting a reman tranny in this 2007 Octavia?


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Make and model: Škoda Octavia Combi

Year of manufacture: 2007

Engine : 2.0 FSI, 110 kw

Transmission: 6-speed automatic; Tiptronic

Bought new 


At 320;000 kilometres; the transmission went out. A local store is able to put in a remanufactured unit for 1,500 €. 

Is it worth doing? 

The car's not mine; it's my uncle's. He is on the verge of selling the car and buying a late model Škoda (2018 or above). 

On the other hand; he wants to keep this old one because apart from the transmission; the car is in good shape and served him well.

Please help.

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I’d get rid of it, because the engine might not be too far behind..

If he likes Škoda vehicles so much, recommend he gets a manual TDI next time..


Have to see if the 1,500 € to replace with reman trans is more than what the vehicle is worth. It's really up to your uncle if that is something he wants to deal with. 


Well, if he likes to gamble realize they're just putting a used transmission then who knows what kinds of shape they had


Get a cheap used transmission, I wouldn’t go for a 1.5k refurbished, usually you can find used for cheaper at a junkyard that warranties it.

who knows it might last another 100,000km.

Posted by: @kristtboda

late model Škoda (2018 or above)

He’ll be disappointed, a friend needed an engine for his 1.4TSI Rapid (head gasket blew at ~130k km) and (at least my local) junkyards were just full of dead low mileages modern Skodas.

He’ll be VERY disappointed unless he finds a diesel and a car with a non-dry clutch automatic.