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Lifting a Prius = Better or Worse MPG?


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I’m considering lifting a Prius 1-1.5 inches when the time comes to replace my struts. 

The main reason is that I keep bottoming out there on some funky driveways I encounter often. It’s not a deal breaker, but it would be one less thing to deal with.

Quick mental logic suggests it would lower MPGs because of the higher center of gravity. 

But what if I also add slightly taller tires? Would I be able to recoup the MPG loss because the tires are rotating further with each revolution? 

What are the downsides to lifting a Prius?

Or is it all negligible?

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I like these interesting questions of yours

Though I don't have an answer I'd be suprised to see a lifted Prius on the road

Thanks! I haven’t seen one with my own eyes. I’ve only seen those extreme ones online.


Definitely worse MPG due to the worse aerodynamics.


You will most definitely get worse gas mileage with a lift because the vehicle will be less aerodynamic, not to mention the stress you would put on certain parts in lifting it. Bigger tires will also drag your MPG down because of the weight and would most likely not fit under the stock wheel well cut out, not to mention messing up your speedometer and odometer. I would recommend that you either live with the issue or get a car that sits higher up. 

Thanks for the explanation on why bigger tires doesn’t equate.

No problem best of luck.


Monster Prius

This is an example why Scotty always says don’t buy hybrid.


Are you the guy who’s in charge of the car mod ideas, for the grand tour? 


Much less gas mileage.  The Prius was not meant for being lifted.  You could mess some parts up, along with computers.

Thanks foe the input. Didn’t think about the computer part.


If you plan to go off road, then definitely worse MPG.

Hahah. Not planning for off road. Just city driving with some funky driveways.


Will narrower tires improve fuel economy and winter drivability?