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Light duty trucks with stake pockets??


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I am looking to purchase a light duty truck for my lawn care business. Don't need the towing/payload capacity of a 1500 so I'd like to save some money on the purchase price. I need it to have stake pockets on the side of the bed for the racks I will use, but during my search I was only able to find a few Ford Rangers that have them (not against Rangers, just don't want to limit my search). Early to mid 2000s is what fits within my budget. Are there any years or trims for other light duty trucks (i.e. Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, Dodge Dakota, Chevy Colorado) that also have stake pockets?

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Well, the Tacoma would be my choice hands down. But if you can't find one in your price range, you're going to find that the rangers are going to cost quite a bit less and they can be okay