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Jerking at higher RPM


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Hey Scotty, I need your help with my piece of trash 2015 Jeep Renegade Latitude 2.4L…89,000 miles got it new. It was clearly a lemon from the start
I’ve had my car serviced under warranty about 22 times in the first 3 years of owning it. My car has always & it was first fixed by “tightening a screw” but it got really bad again in 2020 and the dealership fixed it by replacing the valve body. It got super bad again in low rpm’s in November 22 (few months after valve body warranty expired). I had it diagnosed by 3 mechanics. 2 said it needed rebuild and one from aamco said I needed to replace it with a new transmission. Keep in mind I have a 2” lift kit & had tires specified to my lift for the last year & half. After they replaced the transmission I kept my old one to make sure it was really replaced. Well the second was still jerking so they replaced that one too. Now I’m on my third transmission in this car in 2 months. The aamco GM stated if it jerked again they couldn’t replace it because my tires were too big so I took it back to them and they reset some sensors and it was good for a week or two but now it’s jerking in higher rpm’s and it’s so inconsistent so the jerk is random. It also started making this clinking noise when rpm’s drop coming from the bottom. I will drive anywhere but I need your expertise. I’m desperate.

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Find a good mechanic who can hook your car up to a fancy scan tool and actually analyze it, not throw parts and hope something works.
Posted by: @ebonycvaughn95
Keep in mind I have a 2” lift kit & had tires specified to my lift for the last year & half.
Why did you lift a Jeep Renegade? They're rebadged Fiats, not "real" Jeeps. It's a grocery getter with a name. Lifting vehicles causes all kinds of strain on your drivetrain that it wasn't designed to accomodate, Especially with a Renegade. A Wrangler is designed to operate under high stress, awkward axle angles. They can take being lifted few inches and not overstress the drivetrain. You will still wear things out, but not quite as quickly. Your lift may be straining that Italian drivetrain too much, . It's a family vehicle, not an off-roader.
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