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Misfire when it rains


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I have a link in LS 2001 V8, whenever it rains it starts to misfire the radio starts to act up crackling and only working on the right and left front going in and out intermittently, and also makes a crackling sound sounds like from the middle of the engine right behind the firewall if anybody has any thoughts be super appreciative

Any codes when it misfires?

Engine needs new high voltage ignition wires installed, or get special "electrical "spray can for spraying the high v wires under the hood. This draws out moisture and seals against water humidity. The humidity in air is shorting out the high voltage wires to ground, that makes the engine run rough.

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My first thought is rain water somehow gets under the hood and makes electronics go crazy. Find out where it gets in and fix that first.

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Do those LS coil packs have plug wires? If so that sounds alot like cracked/split wires. Could also be a short.