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Multiple cylinder missfires codes


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I Have a 2011 Nissan Sentra 2.0 automatic,149,000 mi

I changed all ignition coils and plugs when it ran bad giving me a p302 code.then days later i got a p300 and p302.i assumed i put in a faulty coil or sparkplug in that 2nd cylinder so i changed those out again.still same code.still sluggish.i change all the fuel injectors.Running better but still missfires and will spudder if I'm not extremely easy and smooth pushing the gas and still getting codes only now it's p300,p302 and p304.i double checked the injectors ,put em back in,idk what else to look for.theres no oil leaking on the engine,can't seem to find a vacuum leak anywhere

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Well many things can cause that but those are notorious for getting blowing head gaskets. So try my video how to tell if your head gasket is blown on YouTube


I would also check compression and for intake leaks for a possible lean condition causing your problem